Garbage Bin Cleaning and Sanitizing Service

Tired Of Filthy, Smelly Trash Bins?

Enviro Tek Can Help!

Not only do dirty trash bins put off a foul odor and are unpleasant to look at, but they also carry potentially harmful bacteria and diseases.

Let us keep you bins clean and your family safe!

Twin Cities Garbage and Recycling Bin Cleaning Service


Residential Trash Bin Cleaning Service:

Enviro Tek has designed our state of the art cleaning system using steam, pressure and recycled water to clean and sanitize your dirty trash cans in Minneapolis Saint Paul and we reclaim the dirty water. Our process saves massive amounts of precious water. Your trash cans are cleaned and sanitized the same day as your regularly scheduled trash pick up, leaving you clean and odorless cans.

Commercial Waste Container Cleaning Service:

Our Twin Cities commercial trash bin cleaning services are available to business of all sizes. Regular trash bin cleaning provides businesses with a cleaner work environment. Abating the foul odors, bacterias and pests that all to often affect your employees and customers.

Your customers and employees will thank you.

HOA Trash Can Cleaning:

We have various service options to cover your Twin Cities HOA’s needs. Let us help you find the solution that is the best fit. Enviro Tek provides an easy and cost-effective way to protecting a community’s health and eliminating foul odors from residential areas.

Dumpsters & Compactors:

We start with a degreaser to pre-soak the inside to loosen food and beverage waste.  We power wash with high heat and high pressure and reclaim all of the waste water for proper disposal.  Our green seal certified products rid your dumpsters and compactors of bacteria and odors in Minneapolis Saint Paul and throughout Minnesota.

Commercial and Industrial Dock Cleanings:

Our locally trained Enviro Tek  technicians  will leave your trash bins & trash collection docks cleaned, sanitized, and deodorized.  All while collecting and disposing of the waste water, so all we leave behind is the look and smell of success.

Pressure Washing Services:

We offer pressure washing services to residential, commercial, and industrial customers in Minneapolis Saint Paul and the outlying suburbs. Our steam cleaning and pressure washing services have many different applications. Applications for our steam pressure washing services include: Driveways, buildings, patios and just about anything else!

Our process includes delivering hot steam at high pressure to remove the dirt, mold, dust, and grime from whatever surface you would want us to clean. From your home or business to buildings to driveways, we have you covered.

Restaurants and Retail:

Does the back of your restaurant show the signs of last night’s special?  Maybe your trash dock gets noticed more than your front window display?  Whatever your business, whatever your size, Enviro Tek can help make sure your trash or bin collecting area is the last thing your customers pay attention too.  We can clean, sanitize, and deodorize your dumpsters, trash compactors, and bins locally here in Minneapolis – Saint Paul.  We can even power wash the loading dock and areas where you store the trash.  Making sure all you (and your customers) smell is success.

Commercial Property Managers:

Keep your commercial properties in The Twin Cities looking and smelling good to attract and retain tenants and customers. Enviro Tek uses green seal certified products when power washing your sidewalks, storefronts, and trash container areas.  Make sure your property is somewhere customers (and establishments) want to spend time.